The art of making mistakes

How many folks have made a mistake these last couple weeks? 🙋‍♀️I know I’ve made a few.

We’re all doing a tremendous amount of learning right now. Mistakes are okay. It’s really how we handle our mistakes when they happen that’s the important part.

What can you do to move on if you’ve made a mistake?

  • Acknowledge it. With yourself, with your boss, with your team. It’s not as scary once you recognize it.
  • Apologize. If the mistake has affected others, let them know.
  • Be compassionate. With yourself, or anyone else who might have made a mistake. We are under immense amounts of stress; kindness is key in times like these.
  • Fix it. What can you do to make it right? Put a plan in place and get to it. Make sure you communicate how you’re fixing it.
  • Ask for help. We can get through it together.
  • Learn from it. Making mistakes is the best way to grow. What can you do differently next time?

Staying strong

Life is pretty overwhelming right now. We have to be ready at a moment’s notice to respond and adapt to a constantly changing situation. And we have to be able to do it in a way that motivates our audience to take positive actions (and not negative ones, like hoarding toilet paper).

If you’re struggling with all the moving parts, remember that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed. It’s okay to feel sad, frustrated, scared, stressed, alone, and uncertain. We’re all there right now.

Here’s a checklist to help you make it through:

  • Relax your shoulders, un-clench your jaw.
  • Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. 
  • Take a break if you need to. 
  • Go for a walk. Get in the fresh air if you can. 
  • Reconnect with why what you’re doing is important. 
  • Ask for help. We’re all in this together. 
  • Break your tasks down into smaller pieces.

And remember…. you’ve got this!