Creating community in online spaces

As we all turn to social separation (and lockdowns) to help slow the spread of COVID-19, we’re losing many traditional avenues to connect with our audience. But, it’s also giving us the unique opportunity to forge connections online, without a lot of the bureaucratic red tape that comes with organizational adoption of new technology.

What are some ways that you might be able to engage your community online? Here’s some ideas. Pick one that suits your audience, and jump in!

  • Go live! All social media platforms offer a Live Video function.
  • Host an Ask Me Anything (AM).
  • Organize an online conference.
  • Start a forum or Facebook group.
  • Start a chat server. Discord and Slack are perfect for this!
  • Host educational webinars.
  • Use online polls to get feedback and get people thinking.
  • Use your Instagram/Facebook stories; use some the interactive stickers.
  • Get a hashtag going (#holdthefort?)
  • Create virtual tours.
  • Start a blog (hello there!)

Lastly, let your audience see your face now and then! Even as you move interactions online, seeing the real people behind the messaging helps to instantly forge that human connection.

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