Use all the things

Each one of us prefers to get information in a different way. In crisis communication try as much as possible to offer information using the four preferred communication styles:

  1. Visual – folks who prefer visual communication are concerned with how information looks. Construct written content that’s chunked and easy to read. Use pictures, videos, graphs, presentations. Avoid long, detailed instructions.
  2. Auditory – auditory communicators process information that sounds right. Use verbal communication in podcasts, live or taped video messages, audio recordings. Phone them!
  3. Kinesthetic – these folks process communication by doing. Harder to reach these folks from a distance, but try giving them small bites of information with links to click on. Give them short lists of things they can do or projects they can work on.
  4. Auditory Digital – all three styles converge with these folks and they need messages that make sense. Use a combination of data, written content, links, and embedded audio or video.

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