Week 4 To Do List

Have finished or be close to finishing:

  • a crisis communications response plan.
  • an identified communications person or team who will manage messaging to your community(s).
  • an identified organizational spokesperson (if it isn’t you) and/or responsible director who gives “official” statements and approves, if necessary, corporate messaging.
  • a stop on all scheduled communication that was written before March (email, newsletters, social media posts).
  • an update on your website and/or social media profile that informs your community of any changes to your business as a result of the Covid-19 response (hours of operation, closures, reduced or changed services).
  • a first message to your community to inform of them of your concern, response, and ongoing commitment to information.
  • a specific vehicle for communicating privately with staff (if you don’t already have one), i.e., private Facebook group, email list, Skype, Zoom, etc.

Thinking about:

  • A work from home strategy for you/your team.
  • An internal communications strategy.
  • The end of the month is looming. What specific impacts could this have for your organization’s stakeholders? Should you be deferring rental payments if you’re a small business landlord? Should you be communicating with your monthly donors about continuing or deferring their donations? What do you normally do in April that you may have to change?
  • A Crisis Case for Support if you are a charitable organization.

Q. What would you add to this list?

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