First things first

Are you trying to get some messaging out to your community about your organization’s COVID-19 response? Here’s a few tips for getting started:

  1. Make a plan. Get a communications plan template. It will help you identify the key elements for creating a communications brief. Here’s a pretty simple one.
  2. Create a META message. This is a draft of all of the important details that will be shared with most audiences. Not all audiences will get all of the details, but it will be your source document.
  3. Determine your audience(s). Are you writing to internal staff? To donors? To children or adults or people with pets? Even though you’ll start with a meta message, you’ll probably need different messages for different audiences.
  4. Pick a platform. Pick the communications vehicle that gets the most attention from your primary audience. It could be an e-blast or Facebook or on the website. You’ll get to all of them eventually.
  5. Don’t worry about perfect. The time to communicate with your stakeholders is now. Even if your message is brief (but compassionate!), your community is confused and desperate for information. They need you!

TIP: Make sure that the contact information for whomever is responsible for answering questions about the message is clearly indicated in the message.

RESOURCE: Video – Communicating [in] Crisis: 4 Proven Strategies to Communicate in Quarantine

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